God is everything

Formula for failure; trying to please everyone.

It has done us no good to set standards we could not reach. On many occasions, we adopted goals that couldn’t be reached from the beginning. We allowed our identities to become tied in with pleasing people. If we suffered rejection, we collapsed into a quivering heap. Each time we wrapped ourselves up in a package for someone to pass judgment on, we set ourselves up for failure.

We know we are not God. We must realize no other human being is God, either. We can’t ask any person to judge us. We can’t judge anyone else. The foundation of our Program is the decision we made in Step Three to turn our wills and lives over to the care of God. This is the formula for success. Try pleasing God, not other people.

I can’t build my life and recovery on always trying to please others. My road to success is pleasing my Higher Power.



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