Daily thought of Hazelden

Daily thought of Hazelden

A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice.
— E. W. Howe

Do you let yourself be afraid of your illness? You’d better. Many of us were scared into sobriety. Often, a spiritual awakening directly follows a good scare. Fear seems to improve our vision.

Are you smart enough to run from your addiction? The First Step should create fear inside us. It’s about looking honestly at our addiction and what would happen to us if we kept using. Looking at Step One regularly will give us the respectful fear we need to stay sober. Often fear is seen as bad, but it can be good, if we listen to it. It can be a great mover. When you’re afraid, your spirit is trying to tell you something.

Prayer for the Day

God, direct my fear. Have me go to You, family, friends, and others who love me. Help me see my fear and listen to its message.

Action for the Day

I’ll list five ways that my fear has taught me important lessons. I’ll see that my fear can help me as long as I listen to it and not live in it.

You are reading from the book:

Keep It Simple by Anonymous

Så var det för mig! Jag blev livrädd när jag fick möta min sjukdom. Möta mig själv i min sjukdom.

Min rädsla för vart min sjukdom tar mig och vad den gör med mig och alla runt omkring mig.

Rädslan fick mig att ta emot den hjälpen som erbjöds. Jag fick villigheten att göra vad som helst för att besegra den här sjukdomen alkoholism.

Idag har jag nåden att vara nykter och tillfrisknande. Nåden att få ge vidare av det jag har fått.  Genom att ge vidare det får jag behålla det.

Tack gode Gud. Tack AA.


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