I like doing what I do

Den här texten beskriver så bra hur det ofta känns. Jag kände inte för arbetet jag gör idag, men jag fortsatte med tillit och idag jag älskar mitt jobb!

Today’s thought from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is:

I don’t do what I do just so people will think kindly of me. I like doing what I do.
–Janice Clark

We’re lucky if we like everything that we do. But many of us have to develop a willingness to like many of the activities we’re involved in. Is that unusual? Probably not. Nor does it matter. Acting as if we enjoy a menial task or an unusual pursuit offers us a different perspective on it. Just looking at it through more willing eyes changes not just how we see it, but how we feel about it. Often we discover that we can enjoy that which we dreaded before.

Because we wanted to be liked, and it’s human nature to want that, we often volunteered for committees, for jobs, for assignments of all kinds that we didn’t want to do. There’s no shame in that. But at long last, we can dare to be more selective about what we’ll do.

We are needed. That’s why we’re still alive. And while not everybody likes us, those currently in our circle of acquaintances need us and we need them. The work that is yet to be done relies on all of us. Pitching in begins to feel good when we have the right attitude.

I don’t have to like everything I need to do today, but I’ll feel more open to all the tasks if I remember they need my input.

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Keepers of the Wisdom by Karen Casey


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