The future is never limited by what we can see right now

Today’s thought from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is:

Trust that good will come.

It was a slow, boring January day. We had just moved in to our new home. Construction wasn’t complete. The house was a mess. All we had was a plan and a dream. There wasn’t any furniture yet. We were lying around on the floor. It was too cold and rainy to be outdoors.

I don’t know who got the idea first, my son or me. But we both picked up Magic Markers about the same time. Then we started drawing on the wall.

”What do you want to happen in your life?” I asked. He drew pictures of seaplanes, and mountains, and boats leaving the shore. One picture was of a video cameraman jumping out of a plane. ”I want adventure,” he said.

I drew pictures of a woman tromping around the world. She went to war-torn countries. She visited the mountains and the oceans and many exciting places. Then I drew a heart around the entire picture, and she sat there in the middle of all the experiences on a big stack of books. ”I want stories,” I said, ”ones with a lot of heart.”

Across the entire picture, in big letters, he wrote the word ”Woohoo!” On the bottom of the wall I wrote, ”The future is only limited by what we can see now.” He grabbed a marker, crossed out only, and changed it to never. ”There,” he said, ”it’s done.”

Thank God, the future is never limited by what we can see right now.

Before we start speaking the language of letting go, we need to understand what a powerful behavior letting go and letting God really is.

God, help me do my part. Then help me let go and let You do yours.

You are reading from the book:

More Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie


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