Today’s thought from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is:

The important thing is not to stop questioning.
–Albert Einstein

We used to think we knew it all. We had grandiose ideas about ourselves. We stopped asking hard questions that could cause our fragile world of make-believe and deviousness to come crashing down. We protected our addiction by fleeing from the questions that could have started us on the road to recovery.

One day the questions flooded in unchecked. Why am I out of control? How come I can’t look my beloved in the eye? Why don’t I have time for my friends? Why do I get irritated with my children? Why do I feel so bad about myself, so filled with shame? Why can’t I cope? Why is my life unmanageable?

Unmanageable? When we feel this question deeply, then we are already on the road to recovery, for we know we can’t continue to go it alone. The question suggests an answer; we need others, a different system of support, a program of recovery, a Higher Power, serenity, love.

This is what we really wanted and needed, and this is what we find in our Twelve Step program.

Learning to be honest means continuing to ask questions about ourselves and our situation in the world.

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Answers in the Heart by Anonymous


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