Dagens kloka citat

All We Really Have Is……NowWe can only live now, in this moment. 
We cannot erase the mistakes we made in the past, the hardships we experienced, the disappointments, the hurt or the pain.
We cannot bring back the good times that we did have.
We cannot know what tomorrow will demand from us or deliver to us. 
The Recovery Steps show us that Now is what we have, and now is everything.
We can follow our recovery plan……now.
We can use the tools we have learned in our program……now. 
We can have sincere gratitude for what we have received……now.
We can honor ourselves, right now, in this moment, by simply being the best we can be.
As we focus on the present moment, we can now experience it at a much deeper and fulfilling level.
Whatever happens in the future, now is all I am capable of managing.


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